This blog intends to present most of the Walking Festivals taking place around the world. Most of them are held in Europe, specially in the British Isles: United Kingdom and Ireland. These two countries are, undoubtedly, the countries with higher frequency of these festivals.

Walking festivals are a great way of getting out into areas of countryside that you haven't yet explored, or indeed, returning to areas that you have visited and experiencing them as a group!  Walking Festivals are an excellent way for people to get involved in walking, meet fellow walkers and even build up life long friendships. Walking festivals are also a social event, mixing with folk both during the day as part of a group and also through the social events that often accompany walking festivals. 

Walking Festivals differ in size and duration and will offer a range of walks and tours for differing levels of walkers, almost all the festivals offer guided walks or walking tours, so they are ideal for inexperienced walkers and will allow you to practice your navigation skills in the care of experienced group leaders. For the more adventurous some festivals offer unguided walks.